Literary Analysis Assignment

Literary Analysis Assignment-3
This paper is an opportunity to extend your analytical skills to a longer, more detailed, and rigorous argument.

This paper is an opportunity to extend your analytical skills to a longer, more detailed, and rigorous argument.In this essay, you will perform a close reading of a text (any readings from the Cisneros book).

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Essays will be written, recorded, or filmed, but they must be able to be uploaded to the course website in some fashion: 6 Short Reflections–to be posted on our course website–using the materials we talk about to analyze a “text” (a film, novel, tv show, non-fiction essay, short fiction, podcast, tweet, song, commercial, editorial, or other “happening”) that is NOT ON the syllabus.

These short reflections should in some way try to use the “tools” of literary analysis that we’ve talked about in class and/or further comment on the texts we read for applying literary analysis.

The Misfits Loving a Broken Girl The Hidden Complexities of Clemencia 200 – 400 Words You can analyze a character, theme, or any of the items we will discuss in class. An effective proposal has a narrow focus, clear thesis, includes primary claims, and context for why you think this is important to write about.

Make sure you are annotating your book as you read so that you can easily find quotes and sections to include in your analysis paper.

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Literary Analysis Assignment University Of Texas Transfer Application Essays

Essay writing has become a common assignment that is frequently given by professors to students studying varying disciplines.

You will formulate a thesis about the meaning of a literary work.

The essay offers an interpretation of the text, with evidence from the text itself to support it.

While the details, patterns, anomalies, and binaries you notice are important as evidence, your thesis and paragraph claims should be focused on the ideas that the text is communicating.

Identifying the ideas will be the challenging part, because doing so requires moving beyond the details to significance (or the so what question).


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