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Fermented: A food that has been introduced to bacteria, yeast, or another microorganism to produce organic acids, alcohols, or gases. Fried: Food that is cooked by submerging partially or fully into hot oil.

Often results in a crispy or crunchy texture and golden color.

Does it bring a positive image to mind, or is it unappetizing?

Additionally, the positive alternatives to negative words are often more specific, so they give your customers a more precise idea of what your food is like.

Seared: A food that is cooked in a small amount of fat until caramelized and then finished by roasting, grilling, or another method.

Results in a crisp outer texture and tender interior. Tangy: A tart, biting taste that feels tingly in the mouth. Crusty: The texture of a food with a hard outer layer and soft interior. Crunchy: A firm, crisp texture often identified by the sharp, audible noise that the food makes when being eaten.Infused: A food that has been steeped in liquid with another ingredient in order to extract the flavor of the ingredient. Marinated: A food (usually meat) that has been soaked in liquid containing flavorful ingredients like herbs, spices, vinegar, and oil.Poached: Food that has been cooked in nearly boiling liquid. Roasted: Food that has been cooked with dry heat in an oven or over a fire. Flaky: A light texture characterized by layers that come apart during eating. Gooey: A viscous, sometimes sticky texture arising from the presence of moisture in a dense solid food. Juicy: A succulent, tender texture characterized by the presence of liquid in a solid food. Fizzy: A texture brought on by the presence of many small bubbles, usually referring to carbonated liquids.When it comes to writing a menu, word choice is very important. Blanched: A food that was scalded in boiling water and then moved to cold water to stop cooking. Blackened: A food that was dipped in butter and coated with spices before being cooked in a hot pan, resulting in a blackened appearance.The words you use to describe food on your menu could entice customers and increase sales if you choose them well, but they could also turn customers off or confuse them if you’re not careful. Fruity: Any taste reminiscent of sweet fruit flavors. Braised: Food that is briefly fried in a small amount of fat and then is slowly stewed in a covered pot.velvety: Pasta in a greasy sauce compared to Pasta in a velvety sauce Sugary vs.honeyed: Pears with a sugary drizzle compared to Pears with a honeyed drizzle Burned vs.


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