Law Firm Business Plan Example

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You may depend on the relationships that you have built to provide you with a support system.

Starting your own smaller firm may require developing a new support system and seeking mentor relationships.

The owner [NAME] has over 30 years experience as a licensed attorney and 20 years experience in private practice.

[NAME] is fully Licensed by the Supreme Court of [STATE] and U. District Courts of the Western & Southern Districts of [STATE].

The last section of your law firm’s business plan is the operations and finance section which shows how you plan to run your business on a day-to-day basis.

It includes the financial data such as your projected balance sheet, income and cash flow statement, including a break-even analysis.Like other entrepreneurs, lawyers that want to start their own business have to evaluate the pros and cons of starting their own law firm.While being the owner of your business may give you complete control over the business and all its assets, operating a business comes with its own set of challenges.For example, are you using an email marketing campaign, promoting your business through content marketing or networking with other lawyers and clients? However, before investing your time and effort in marketing, consider your practice area and your clients, and what works best for them.1.0 Executive Summary [COMPANY NAME] provides high quality legal services at affordable flat rates to help middle class white and blue collar workers.If you decide to practice from your own home, the cost of starting your business can be as low as a 00.Most lawyers starting their own practice want to move away from the cutthroat politics of large firms and avoid the ambiguities that invariably exists at large law firms.Starting your own business allows you to make your own decisions and set your priorities.You enjoy flexibility and freedom that you would not enjoy as an associate with a larger firm.You must also highlight the unique characteristics of your firm.In the next section, outline the types of clients that you will be serving, who they are and why they need your firm’s services.


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