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The way in which relativism, including cultural relativism, has permeated modern society is demonstrated in the bizarre ways in which we try to deal with this contradiction.

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These contradict the very concept of relativism, meaning that absolute relativism is self-contradictory and impossible.

Cultural Relativism: Crumbling Away In practice, cultural relativism cannot overcome the boundaries of logic, nor can it override the sense of morality inherent to mankind.

To firmly state that anything at all is always wrong is to reject relativism itself.

In the end, those who insist on clinging to cultural relativism must jettison logic, because there isn’t room for both.

Words like “pluralism,” “tolerance,” and “acceptance” have taken on new meanings, as the boundaries of “culture” have expanded.

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The loose way in which modern society defines these ideas has made it possible for almost anything to be justified on the grounds of “relativism.” The umbrella of “relativism” includes a fairly wide range of ideas, all of which introduce instability and uncertainty into areas that were previously considered settled.Cultural Relativism: Absolutely Impossible The contradiction of cultural relativism becomes immediately apparent.A society that embraces the notion that there is no ultimate “right” or “wrong” loses the ability to make any judgments at all.However, those who choose to be “intolerant” are not to be supported or agreed with.Tolerance, therefore, becomes an “ultimate good” in and of itself, which is contradictory to the entire idea of relativism.Stepping up to the edge of a cliff gives you a good perspective of the terrain below.Taking one step too far, as cultural relativism does, is simply a disaster.Obviously, perspective is important to our understanding of history, psychology, and politics.Cultural perspective can help us understand why certain actions are considered right or wrong by a particular culture.In the same way, heinous crimes such as rape and murder demand a moral judgment -- but strict cultural relativism cannot say that such things are always wrong.Relativism in general breaks down when examined from a purely logical perspective.


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