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At this institute, we were introduced to all the available programs by the medical students or doctors and taught a handful of techniques including intubation and suturing.

These remarkable encounters have solidified my interest and passion in the field.

One of the most significant contrasts between these countries is the education system.

In Romania, schools lack many components that would shock American administrators.

In comparison, upon entering high school in the US, I was inundated with endless possibilities of classes, clubs and sports.

My first three years were filled with continuous community service ranging from cuddling shelter kittens, to arranging theater costumes.I busted my butt everyday to provide a good life for my family, 16 years later I own my own little roofing company.All that to say, I love my family, my employees, and my company and if you ever dreamed of owning or starting your own business you should make that leap!I moved to America with about in my pocket and a pack of cigarettes when I was 19.I thought I was staying for a visit but got married and stayed.The current global economic crisis has affected the biggest economies of the world.The crisis has brought hardships such as lack of employment, heavy debts, and a housing crisis among others.On several occasions, I’ve had to brew multiple cups of black coffee to keep myself alert while studying until dawn for challenging assignments.My personality has also developed from a shy, mute girl to the president of two clubs and captain of the soccer team.When I committed myself to the field of medicine, numerous prospects awaited.I am half way through a high school program that allows me to become certified as a CNA.


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