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Others argue that it is a necessary and economical form of education in addition to spreading ideas, language and culture.

International advertisements is often thought to be an important way of disseminating culture, language and values; however, it may seem invasive to the receiving nation.

The benefits to firms that decide to engage in global marketing is that they get additional revenue, get insight into consumer behavior, alternative distribution strategies, and advance notice of new product. An import quota limits the number of units of product in certain categories that can cross a country’s border for resale. What are two major victories achieved by Uruguay Round of GATT conference?

Also, they acquire new approaches to distribution, or clever new promotions that they may apply successfully in their domestic market or in other international markets. Why is a nation’s infrastructure an important factor for global marketers to consider? Revenue tariffs are designed to raise funds for the importing government, and protective tariffs are designed to raise the retail price of an imported product to match or exceed that of similar domestic product. Reduce farm subsidies, which opened vast new markets for U. The WTO has been slow because big differences between developed and developing nation creates major roadblock to its progress, and its activities thus far have focused more on dispute resolution through its Dispute Settlement Body than on reducing barriers. What are the three alternatives for first-time exporters to reach foreign customers?

Foreign Licensing- an agreement that grants foreign marketers the right to distribute a firm’s merchandise or to use its trademark, patent, or process in a specified geographic area.

Subcontracting- A Contractual Agreement in which the production of goods or services are assigned to local companies. In what conditions is a global marketing strategy generally most successful?

Proponents often cite that global marketing is valuable since it spreads ideas, languages and cultures to countries that may otherwise find it difficult to access such information.

For impoverished nations, exposure to foreign cultures can be the inspiration to pursue a more international life.

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What are benefits to firms that decide to engage in global marketing?


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