Indented Writings On Paper Can Be Revealed By

Combine that with spelling, punctuation, grammar, diction, etc., and you've got a completely one-of-a-kind document.

One key point for all comparisons is that they must be compared to a similar sample.

There are certain steps that can be taken though to minimize attempts at deception.

In 1978, a parcel exploded as it was being opened at campus security at a North-western University.

The line quality is the appearance of the written stroke, caused by basic movements and the manner of manipulating the writing instrument.

It results from a combination of factors - skill of the writer, writing fluency, fluctuations in pen pressure and smoothness of movement.

Individuality of writing refers to the writing not being unique.

For example many architect students are taught to write using only block, all capital letters.

If all the students are taught this way then they lose the uniqueness.

The conditions for which samples are given, should be relatively similar.


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