Importance Of Studying History Essay

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The first reason is because we will learn from the mistakes people made in the past and try not to repeat them.

The third reason is to learn about what causes conflicts and wars so we can help identify when they may be occurring.

But it does show that the results are entirely uncontrollable, and that we are far more likely to be made by history than to make it.

History is past, and singular, and the same year never comes round twice.

It lies in believing that things are much worse than they have ever been—and, thus, than they really are—or are uniquely threatening rather than familiarly difficult.

Every episode becomes an epidemic, every image is turned into a permanent injury, and each crisis is a historical crisis in need of urgent aggressive handling—even if all experience shows that aggressive handling of such situations has in the past, quite often made things worse.(The history of medicine is that no matter how many interventions are badly made, the experts who intervene make more: the sixteenth-century doctors who bled and cupped their patients and watched them die just bled and cupped others more.) What history actually shows is that nothing works out as planned, and that everything has unintentional consequences.History doesn’t show that we should never go to war—sometimes there’s no better alternative.It isn’t productive in a tangible sense; it’s productive in a human sense.The action, whether rewarded or not, really is its own reward. It might be worth asking similar questions about the value of studying, or at least, reading, history these days, since it is a subject that comes to mind many mornings on the op-ed page.And the Ottoman Empire is far from the worst arrangement of things that can be imagined in that part of the world.We will not lose our credibility by failing to sacrifice a generation of our young men.History, well read, is simply humility well told, in many manners.And a few sessions of humility can often prevent a series of a horrible group doing horrible things, and there are many factors behind its rise. was indeed a ruthless political operator and, when he had big majorities, got big bills passed—the Civil Rights Act, for one.But they came to be a threat and a power less because of all we didn’t do than because of certain things we did do—foremost among them that massive, forward intervention, the Iraq War. He also engineered, and masterfully bullied through Congress, the Vietnam War, a moral and strategic catastrophe that ripped the United States apart and, more important, visited a kind of hell on the Vietnamese.


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