Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge Essay

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Upon the walls are the bright blue projections of the masterpieces of Cezanne. I could imagine that Personal Computers run on fried eggs and bacon, but that wouldn't work would it?

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Albert Einstein once said "Imagination is more important than knowledge.

For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” But placed into modern context, is this true? Someone, at some point, imagined a possibility and created a piece of knowledge.

Those paintings are cool, I can imagine some pretty cool stuff, but I lack the skill and knowledge of art to make a beautiful painting like that. made up by some dude who was bored carrying disc (or whatever they used) around to his friends house, the chair you are sitting on?

made up by some dude with a sore arse the desk your at?

made up by some dude who didn't want to have a monitor on his lap a mouse and a keyboard, the satellite used to transmit the Internet?

made by some dude who wanted to reach the sky (or see what space was like) so to continue this imagination will be needed Imagination would help, it wouldn't be needed. I proved that 1 1=2 because I know that that is the answer because I know from personal knowledge that by having one apple on my desk and then adding a second apple to the desk will then equal me having two apples on the desk.

Well, yeah we need them both, but knowledge is more important because we imagined sending a man to the moon for years and years. We put an American flag on the moon and showed up every other country in the world. Even if you could imagine without knowledge, what good would it be if you didn't know how to communicate and share it? If you visit Lascaux, you see cave paintings from ancient people without much knowledge, only their imagination.

We didn't actually do it until we had the knowledge to achieve the technologies to do so. (not to brag) We did all of that with the help of both imagination and knowledge. Imaginatively expanding current knowledge and sharing it within the project lead to a man on the moon quicker than any other nation. Or because they were motivated to hand over the bucks while imagining sticking it to the Russians at the end of the day. Without knowledge, there would be nothing to imagine... They developed an ability to express what they saw and learned from their environment.

It is the most beautifully chilling way to experience an artist's work. But ultimately you feel at piece, and it is amazing. But I would recommend this trip for anyone, any year. Imagination contributes, it doesn't make up the whole as knowledge does. imagination is sooo more important our whole life is based on imagination the computer your writing on?

That is the product of knowledge applied to the foundation of a great imagination. "I would first like to thank you for quoting, and not paraphrasing"I didn't quote you. You can thank me fore this one though: "Someone, at some point, imagined a possibility and created a piece of knowledge."What if they didn't have the knowledge to "create"? I'll end this with one question: do you know what imagination is? made up by some dude who wanted a calculator, the Internet you are using to post this?


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