Huck Finn Character Analysis Essays

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Huck is most happy to talk to Jim with whom he can share experiences.

Early in their relationship on the island, Huck tells Jim, "This is nice.

He feels lonely and is fearful of being tracked down by his abusive father.

When Huck stumbles across Jim on Jackson's Island, Huck is indifferent to Jim's skin color and immediately views him as a welcomed companion.

Huck initially sees Jim as a convenient friend, then he values Jim as a person of sensitivity and intelligence, and finally Huck accepts him as an equal.

Huck Finn Character Analysis Essays

Huck's relationship with Jim begins as a simple need for friendship stemming from Huck's circumstances as a runway.But in agreement with many scholars and critics the character of Huckleberry Finn is changing and developing.One can basically say that he is a character that grows from boy- to manhood.In addition, the selfish gratification of money would be very tempting in return for capturing a slave. Race does not become a factor nor does it blemish his desire for friendship with Jim.The bond tightens and the friendship deepens as Huck comes to realize that Jim is a thinking and feeling human being.In a Sunday out west to escape his life and where he will be free.This ties back to the beginning where you last left off when Widow Douglas was trying to civilize Huck.I wouldn't want to be nowhere else but here." (Twain, 49) Jim, too, as a lonely runaway needs companionship and is fearful for a different reason. With that in mind, Jim fearfully questions Huck if he will turn him in.Without hesitation, Huck's kindness comes through when he says, "People would call me a low-down Abolitionist and despise me for keeping mum- but that don't make no difference.His father however kidnaps him, and Huck is no longer trapped by the conformity of society, but rather by Chapter 1Need to write an essay? Huckleberry Finn begins where things left off after The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.Huck and Tom Sawyer had become rich from all of the treasure they discovered and the Widow Douglas has adopted Huck.


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