How To Avoid Plagiarism When Writing A Research Paper

How To Avoid Plagiarism When Writing A Research Paper-38
These devices tell readers that the text is not your own, so it is essential to reproduce quoted passages exactly and never misrepresent the words and ideas of the quoted author.It is also a good idea not to overuse direct quotation, so choose your quotations wisely.Using only one source can lead to unintentional plagiarism.

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• Take careful and thorough notes whenever you are reading and thinking about the sources you consult for a research paper.

Be sure to distinguish in those notes your own thoughts and interpretations from the words and ideas you find in sources.

In addition, the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards has also published, "Trojan Integrity: A Guide for Avoiding Plagiarism." This guide provides a comprehensive explanation for how to defend yourself against allegations of violating the university's policy on academic integrity. Academic Skills Program, University of Canberra; How and When to Cite Other People's Work.

If you have any doubts about whether to cite a particular source concerning an argument or statement made in your paper, protect yourself by citing a source or sources that helps the reader determine the validity of your work. Psychology Writing Center, University of Washington; Proctor, Margaret.

To introduce students to the process of citing other people's work, the USC Social Work Librarians have created a useful online tutorial on avoiding plagiarism.

It describes what constitutes plagiarism and offers helpful advice on how to properly cite sources. • Reflect on the sources you read and develop your own unique argument about your research topic.You will then be able to use sources to support and perhaps contradict your thoughts and ideas, but those sources will not dominate the logic of the paper.Note that not citing a source not only raises concerns about the integrity of your paper, but it also tells the reader that you have not conducted an effective or thorough review of the literature in support of the research problem under investigation. "How Not to Plagiarize." University College Writing Centre. How To Avoid Plagiarism When Writing a Research Paper Plagiarism is a form of intellectual and authorial misconduct that has become a serious problem in many academic and scientific contexts and must be avoided.Students guilty of plagiarism can earn failing grades or complete expulsion from a course, degree programme or university, while researchers accused of misconduct can face article retractions and lose employment, research funding, intellectual reputation and professional status.Either way, the destruction of a valuable and rewarding career is often the result.In short, plagiarising is using in one’s own work the ideas, thoughts, words, data, theories, images, sounds or other creations of an author, speaker or artist without properly acknowledging the source.The wide variety of research materials now available on the internet may make plagiarism extremely easy, but the consequences of plagiarism in the research-based writing submitted for educational credit, scholarly publication or other professional purposes can be catastrophic. In other words, because the reader cannot discern whether the absence of a citation was done deliberately or you simply forgot, it is important to review your paper before you submit it to ensure you have listed all sources used during your research. This is why it is important to keep track of everything you have used during the course of writing your paper so you can easily assess whether all your sources have been cited properly.


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