Hostgator Business Plan Review

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This service is offered to you for 'free' if you are picking the Business plan but for anyone else, they are selling this service for .95/month of /year (averaged /month).That means you will get better deal if you signup just the Baby plan and then go to Voipo to subscribe the toll free service for /year, given that you don't need the other services discussed below.

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I repeat, most of us don't need a merchant account, a private SSL certificate and a unique static IP address. It will cost you a lot of bandwidth and maybe even get your account suspended! The good news is, Host Gator allow you to upgrade your account anytime you want without paying any fee.

You only need to pay the upgraded plan pricing on a pro-rated basis.

The calls will be forwarded to your existing phone number, so you don't need any new phone lines or equipment.

The service is provided by Voipo, which is a Host Gator associated company. After that, you will need to pay 4.9 cents/minute for US callers and 6.9 cents/minute for Canada callers.

They are most widely used in transferring credit card information.

There are 2 types of SSL certificate - the private and the public.

So the main question should be, do you need the Business plan? If you answer YES to the above questions, then you will need to know if you need those extra features.

With a toll-free number, your customers in the US and Canada can call you without any long distance charges.

SSL certificate is needed when you need to make secured connections.

When a secure connection is made, you will see in your browser address bar, the connection protocol will change to https:// instead of In this type of connection, all data are encrypted for security purposes and this is important when you are trying to transfer sensitive information.


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