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We aim to provide opportunities for students to consolidate learning to embed skills or knowledge.

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Homework contributes toward building responsibility, self-discipline, and lifelong learning habits.

It is the intention of the Anywhere School staff to assign relevant, challenging, meaningful, and purposeful homework assignments that reinforce classroom learning objectives.

If parents have concerns, this should be raised with the class teacher.

As part of our ‘Growth Mindset’ approach to children’s development, we encourage students to be resilient learners and understand the importance of learning from mistakes.

Brain Builder tasks are given on a Friday, and must be returned by Thursday of the following week.

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This allows students and families a certain amount of flexibility to fit homework around other activities.

Creating authentic and differentiated homework assignments can take more time for teachers to put together. Teachers who assign meaningful, differentiated, connected homework assignments not only see student participation increase, they also see an increase in student engagement.

These rewards are worth the extra investment in time needed to construct these types of assignments. They should provide their teachers with professional development that gives them the tools to be successful in transitioning to assign homework that is differentiated with meaning and purpose.

Anywhere Schools embraces the idea that each student is different and as such, each student has their own individual needs.

We see homework as an opportunity to tailor lessons specifically for an individual student meeting them where they are and bringing them to where we want them to be.


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