Heroes Qualities Essay

All of these characters could lay claim to being a hero in his own right but it seems as though there is one race that is more in tune with heroism than the others which is found in Tolkien’s representation of the surprisingly heroic nature of hobbits.He seems to be saying something particular about the courage that can be found in the least likely of people when the situation calls for it.

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This is certainly the case in The trilogy has many characters and a narrative that splits to follow the separate parts of a single journey, making the identity of the main protagonist or focal character a bit ambiguous at times.

Tolkien offers a fellowship of nine members with varying characteristics and qualities, even of different races, on the mission to destroy the ring.

The One Ring seems to have a mind of its own and for some reason it chose a hobbit years prior when it landed in Bilbo’s possession.

Frodo inherited the ring by providence and it is up to him to see the story to its end.

Yates asserts that this is done by creating heroes out of “an ordinary individual facing extraordinary pressures.” Tolkien seems to have mastered the fine balance between having characters of nobility who rise to the occasion but also gives them humility and makes them relatable to the reader.

Most of the main characters in Middle-Earth could be considered epic heroes, since they are involved in a situation where the fate of the world rests on their shoulders.

One could say that a hero’s function is to keep the story moving forward and to be a focal point in the action of the novel.

Another main purpose the hero serves is to relate to the reader and present him with respectable qualities (Zimbardo 404).

Tolkien managed to include most hero types in his characters, sometimes making many of these appear in one individual, all of which lead to the further development of the story.

It is the culmination of all these heroes working together that allowed the fellowship to succeed.ccording to Jessica Yates, writer for the Tolkien Society webpage, “Tolkien has been criticised for flat characterization” although it is necessary in literature for readers to be able to relate to the characters they are reading about.


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