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The Wilson's truck dies along the way and they are all forced to stay in a small town along Route 66.

With the drought in the Dust Bowl and other tragedies of the Great Depression, many were forced to look beyond the traditional family unit and embrace their kinship with others of similar necessity.

In his novel The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck uses the theme of strength through unity to comment on the relationship between the dissolution of individual families and the unification of the migrant pe... Watt says, (The primary impact of The Grapes of Wrath..not to make us act, but to make us understand and share a human experience of suffering and resistance.) Steinbeck shows us that his characters, as well as all people must endure suffering as human beings. Religious suffering is one factor which is self imposed.

The work is far more than that, however, and college students who study this novel as a part of an American literature course, will be involved in a great deal of analytical study of themes and symbols.

The inevitable essay will follow, in which you will be asked to discuss a theme or some of the symbolism in the work.

, John Steinbeck is an American classic which can be read on many levels.

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For high school students, it is largely a historical novel, depicting the conditions of migrant farmers in California who had left the “Dust Bowl” of Oklahoma and Texas and traveled to find work on farms and in grape vineyards.

Whether it was increased rent by corrupt landowners or a typical drought, the result was always the same, families would have to move away in search of new jobs.

However, everyone was so caught up in the hopeful prosperity of new land that they were blinded by the reality.

Tom's mother sits in the tent making stew, with the children of the camp gathering around.

Tom tries to send them away, but she cannot refuse them food.


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