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If your teacher wants a specific essay structure, you will probably want to end your paragraphs with a sentence that summarizes the main point, or in the intro, your thesis statement.

If you have more freedom you might focus on leading naturally into the ideas of the next paragraph or you may end the paragraph when you feel you have made your point.

If you find all this confusing, your best bet is to just summarize the paragraph.

The society has been dramatically changed with the evolution of technology.

The final paragraph of an essay is what ties the piece together into a single, cohesive whole.

Coming up with a good ending can be tricky, but understanding what elements it should and shouldn’t have will help you craft a stellar conclusion worthy of nothing less than an A .

Thanks to modern technology, a lot of burden has been lifted up from our shoulders and we have more time and energy to do what we want to.

With so many advantages and comfort, come the disadvantages too.

Although in a few cases, parents resort to technology to communicate with their children and know about their whereabouts but this is not adequate always.

Technology has made access to education easier but it is also resulting in weakening the memories of people.


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