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Science teachers can bring it into any sort of scientific subject particularly if they’re thinking about the environment.

And rather than scaring kids with a problem that’s too monumental to deal with, with a future focus and looking at inventions, they can think how some of these problems that we’re facing can be overcome.

Could future problem solving be a valuable tool for you?

How can you incorporate future problem solving into your learning contexts?

FPSPI is the perfect vehicle to encourage and develop the thinking skills necessary to adapt to a changing world.

FPSPI teaches students to think critically, creatively, and futuristically.Future Problem Solving New Zealand This highly regarded and well-researched international educational program develops creative, critical, and caring thinking skills in students years 1–13.Students grapple with global and community issues, identify underlying problems, and create positive solutions to those issues.(c)2018 Future Problem Solving Program International, Inc. These materials are for the individual purchaser with the right to print the pages contained herein and make sufficient copies of said pages for use by the FPS students of a SINGLE teacher OR SINGLE FPS coach.No part of these documents or the related files may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means (internet, electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of Future Problem Solving Program International, Inc.Future problem solving or FPS helps us to really explore our minds and what we are capable of coming up with.Helps us to think outside the box and helps us to communicate our ideas in ways that we wouldn't be able to originally.So future problem solving is a six step process that was designed in the United States about 30 years ago.Now it is a subject that’s being taught in many, many countries around the world and thousands of students participate in the subject and also compete against each other.Purchase does not permit reproduction of any parts for an entire school, special programs, school district or school system, or for commercial use. Any violation to this copyright will result in a charge of no less than 0 per incidence.The Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) provides the tools and strategies students need to face the challenges of today and the future.


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