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Ivanhoe's meticulous translation, as well as his extremely perceptive introduction and tremendously helpful notes, show us that Zhang Xuecheng, who died six years before Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit was published in Europe, has given us the first philosophical system that reconciles truth with history.

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Zhang Xuecheng (1738–1801) has primarily been read as a philosopher of history.

Hölderlin's letters to friends and fellow writers such as Hegel, Schiller and Goethe describe his development as a poet, while those written to his family speak with great passion of his beliefs and aspirations, as well as revealing money worries and, finally, the tragic unravelling of his sanity.

These works examine Hölderlin's great preoccupations - the unity of existence, the relationship between art and nature and, above all, the spirit of the writer.

A specialist in the history of East Asian philosophy and religion and its potential for contemporary ethics, he has written, edited, or co-edited more than a dozen books and published more than thirty articles and numerous dictionary and encyclopedia entries on Chinese and Western religious and ethical thought."[T]hanks to Philip Ivanhoe's painstaking translations, English readers can now have a glimpse of Zhang's expansive and at times also enigmatic writings."— Q.

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