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The study also highlighted the main hurdles that children with learning disabilities encounter.

The barriers were the inability to access psychological therapies, lack of confidence as well as concerns on how to develop a therapeutic relationship with people who have disabilities.

Introduction Schools play a significant and formative role in children’s cognitive, emotional, language, moral and social development.

Academic skills; for instance, reading, writing as well as mathematics form the foundation upon which a child’s performance at school is evaluated.

Moreover, the relationship between school achievement and depressive symptoms is also affected by lower self-esteem, perceptions of lower academic competence as well as personal notions of intelligence (Alesi et al., 2014).

In another study, Daniesls (2012) conducted a study on coping exercise.Finally, due to the challenges that may hinder accessing mainstream therapies, there is a need for prevention or early identification of depression in children with learning disabilities.The study showed that cognitive factors are also important because they affect people with learning disabilities.Likewise, children who exhibit learning disabilities have academic difficulties proportional to their learning abilities.Such children often have impaired learning ability on important academic skills such as arithmetic, reading, spelling, and writing.According to Alesi and his colleagues, psychosocial risk factors such as self-efficacy and school self-esteem contribute to gender differences (Alesi et al., 2014).The study gave significant evidence supporting the association between depressive symptoms and poor performance in school.There exists a direct and mediated link between a child’s levels of mood as well as academic outcomes.Symptoms of depression such as energy loss, lack of interest and poor cognitive ability negatively affect the performance of children at school.The researchers established that depressive symptoms related positively to anxiety.Among the common types of LDs among those who were studied included mathematics disorders and reading disorder.


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