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Meanwhile, Nel and Sula stroke blades of grass "up and down, up and down," which is an obvious sexual pantomime.Nel finds a nice twig and strips the bark away so what's left is "a smooth, creamy innocence." Sula follows suit; and when both twigs were "undressed" Nel moved into the "next stage" (then joined by Sula) as both eventually began poking their bark-less (phallic-inspired) twigs "rhythmically and intensely into the earth." Each started with a separate hole, but in the end, "..two holes were one and the same." That is a very erotic scene, one that can cause arousal in the reader, and yet at the same time, it is entirely innocent, and brings with it the theme of genuine feminine sweetness.Here is a lesson in the fact that people are products of their environments; they are not necessarily products of their cultures, but of their immediate environments. How does Morrison use history to portray her stories and her characters?

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And Nel, meantime got hurt, while Sula "was ill prepared for the possessiveness of the one person she felt close to" (Sula 119). This paper delves into those issues and others relevant to the writing of Toni Morrison.

On this very subject, black sexuality (the myths and the reality) and the values that emerge from the environments in which people are raised, author Patricia Hill Collins in her book Black Feminist thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment, writes that there is a "mythical norm" (Collins, 165) that while "financially independent, white middle-class families" are built around a "monogamous heterosexual couple," the African-American family are "stigmatized" as "deviant people." This "myth," Collins continues, carries through and there are always allegations - though in the main they are false - about "black sexuality." However, Collins quotes Cheryl Clark, while black folks "have expended much energy trying to debunk the racist mythology which says our sexuality is depraved," there are "many of us" who, "unfortunately" (165), Clark continues, "have overcompensated and assimilated... What meanings are attributed to the works of Toni Morrison?

African American critical theory is one of the most diverse modes of interpretation to explore in literary works.

Because of its history, subject, and interpretation, African American critical theory is equally complex and, often times, confusing.

The complexity lies within the foundational structures of race, class, and sex that have existed for generations in our country and which forms a unique intersectionality.

It’s also confusing at times because interpretation from an African American standpoint can be new and uncomfortable to many people who have not experienced diversity in their reading material.And along with that morality Sula had "no thought at all of causing Nel pain when she bedded down with Jude." Jude, of course, left Nel - in the same manner as Boy Boy left Eva earlier in the novel - and with Nel now living alone, she had plenty of time to reflect on how Sula had hurt her.As for Sula, she had grown up in a house "with women who thought all men available" (Sula 119) so why wouldn't she just take what was there when it was available, as Jude obviously was? Bloomington, in: Indiana Toni Morrison What meanings can be attributed to the literary accomplishments of American author Toni Morrison?It’s almost like learning a foreign language: at times difficult, yet once understood, revelations and insight are new awakenings to a world around us which we previously were asleep in.Denial of it’s very existence is detrimental to the overall history and comprehension of America, as Toni Morrison confirms that “a criticism that needs to insist that literature is not only “universal” but also “race-free” risks lobotomizing that literature, and diminishes both the art and the artist” (“Playing” 12). It concerns a middle-class man who achieves self-knowledge through the discovery of his rural black heritage. Her first novel, (1977; National Book Award) established her as one of America's leading novelists. Her fiction is noted for its poetic language, lush detail, emotional intensity, and sensitive observation of American life as viewed from a variety of African-American perspectives. Common types of primary sources include works of literature, historical documents, original philosophical writings, and religious texts.On page 58 of the book, an important passage leaves alert readers with memorable imagery - for some it relates back to their youth, and for others it builds up something that was perhaps left out of their youth - to discuss in class or with a fellow student on the back patio.Nel and Sula are playing together in a rather erotic but wholly innocent moment, and Fulton's take on that scene is that Morrison is emulating Virginia Woolf's Mrs. In Woolf's book, women do become involved in homosexual activities.


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