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We brought our newborn daughter home from the hospital to 213 E. My Dad and I hung the perfect wallpaper in her nursery that my wife spent nearly her entire pregnancy searching for online.

Last Halloween, we dressed our baby as a sushi roll and had a photoshoot in the backyard followed by her first trick-or-treat outing around the block.

Perhaps this would give someone the opportunity to be a first time homebuyer, or to run a new, innovative small business, or to simply have a much-needed fresh start. Over the last thirty days, we have received the most honest, heartfelt, and thoughtful stories. With each new essay we read, one of us would inevitably say, “This is the one.” From the start, the process was much more difficult than we anticipated because we empathized with so many of you.

We are honored that you entrusted your personal stories to two perfect strangers.

The more ideas, the better, as you often find your best ideas only after getting the obvious ones out of the way.

Speaking of obvious ideas, the biggest piece of advice I can give about writing college essays is this: avoid the obvious.For the most part, it’s unlikely that you’ve experienced anything extremely uncommon in the relatively short amount of time you’ve been a human.Most high school students lead lives that don’t deviate too far from the norm – except that one quiet guy in your class who sits next to the window near the back.My suggestion is to just read through them and narrow down to one or two that really speak to you.From there, get out a piece of paper and start brainstorming ideas for each. Put down anything you can think of that might work as an essay.The reality is that we are a regular, working family with a mortgage and lots of other bills to pay and, as much as we’d like to give the house away after reading your essays, it’s just not feasible at this time. There’s no staff—it’s just me—and I have clients who must come first. Was this just a marketing effort and you never intended to sell your house? We think this method has real worth and can work with a longer timeframe.A lot of people sent essays, but only about 50% of those applicants submitted the accompanying offer fee. For this reason, we are sad to report that that we did not receive enough offers to make it work for both parties. People may have inferred I hired a marketing company because there was a logo and the website looked clean.Here are a few things to avoid writing about: Really, the success of your essay will come down not to what you write about, but how.In general, it’s much easier to stand out on the basis of how you approach your topic than what you say.Like us, you believed in this process; and, we believe that this process works.However, when we launched, we knew there was a chance we might not receive enough offers to make the sale financially viable for us. Customer service is my number one priority, but this project has received a truly overwhelming and unforeseen amount of attention.


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