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Many of the fighters were spending their morning sleeping, eating breakfast, or even preparing to go ashore for some last minute Christmas shopping.My husband and I were relaxing on the sunny docks watching our neighbors train carefully.

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On 4 December Enterprise delivered the aircraft and on December 7 the task force was on its way back to Pearl Harbor...

On 28 November, Admiral Kimmel sent USS Enterprise under Rear Admiral Willliam Halsey to deliver Marine Corps fighter planes to Wake Island.

I couldn’t help overhearing the general say something about an unfamiliar group of aircrafts that are well on their way over the Pearl Harbor base.

Shortly after hearing this my husband rushed to the base.

I hurried to the window to see that these “American B-17 bombers” were really Japanese military planes led by commander Admiral Chuichi Nagumo.

Within seconds, the Sunday morning that was once a gorgeous scene, quickly transformed into a dreadful disaster.

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Essay text: The ships' route crossed the North Pacific and avoided normal shipping lanes.

At dawn 7 December 1941, the Japanese task force had approached undetected to a point slightly more than 200 miles north of Oahu.


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