Essay Outline For A Rose For Emily

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Homor Barron was the gregarious foreman, and the townspeople began to observe him in Miss Emily's company driving on Sundays. Her kinsfolk should come to her."Then the narrator tells the story of when Miss Emily went to the druggist to request "some poison." The conversation between Miss Emily and the druggist is related word for word, and the druggist gives her the poison while strongly implying that it should only be used "for rats and such." When the package is delivered to her, "For rats" is written on it.

The women of the town began to say that her riding around in the buggy with Homer Barron, with no intention of marriage, was a "disgrace to the town and a bad example to the young people." The Baptist minister called upon her, but left and refused to return; his wife wrote to Miss Emily's family in Alabama a week later.

The townspeople did not say she was crazy then, because they assumed she had to "cling to that which had robbed her" of a married life, since her father had driven away her suitors.

The narrator follows chronologically now, to the arrival of the construction company to pave the sidewalks.

A "deputation" went to her house and waited in the dusty parlor until Miss Emily entered.

She repeats that Colonel Sartoris has told her she has no taxes in Jefferson, though the Colonel had been dead for almost a decade.

“Being left alone, and a pauper, she had become humanized”(364).

The death of her father also throws her into a horrible case of denial.

Letting Go in A Rose for Emily Many people hate to let things go.

People find security and comfort in their possessions and the company they keep.


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