Essay On The Catcher In The Rye Theme

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He realizes that he can’t go back in time, because he is not the same as he used to be. Salinger’s use of symbolism in I chose this piece of writing because I felt that it was well written, and it was about a book that I enjoyed.

He also realizes that he will never be the same as he used to be. It was also one of the few books that I was actually able to finish.

Three major symbols were the ducks, the Museum of Natural History, and Jane Gallagher.

He wants to know what will happen to him when the weather gets really cold.

Holden reacts to this question by saying, “Boy, she was depressing me”(Salinger 169).

The only three things he can name that he liked were Allie, James Castle, and sitting there chewing the fat with Phoebe.

I was able to read into this book very well, and I noticed a lot of the symbolism, which helped write this essay.

I think that is one of the strengths of this piece, because I was really happy when I saw all the connections, and it all started to come together.

His dream of shielding all the innocent children from society’s harsh elements has been ruined by this one statement.

Now because of this realization he comes to the conclusion that he can not shield everybody, not even half of everybody.


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