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[tags: Nelson Mandela, South Africa] - During the life of Nelson Mandela, South Africa was in complete segregation, having whites live a completely different life than blacks.The topic that I researched were the events that occurred in South Africa, from the time of 1918 to current day.Nelson Mandela is one of the world's true freedom fighters, and his life and personal triumphs will be remembered long after the world has forgotten the evils of Apartheid.

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He led a long and interesting life, and for much of it he was wrongly imprisoned.

He fought endlessly for the rights of his people, and his journey is actually very similar to another civil rights activist from the United States: Martin Luther King Jr. is very well known, Mandela doesn’t get quite as much recognition, especially in the United States....

In 1990, after 27 years of imprisonment, Nelson Mandela was freed.

His release marked the beginning of the end for Apartheid. Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace prize and elected president of South Africa.

Similar to the lawyer referenced in Outliers Joe Flom, who grew up in great depression but, used education as an escape route.

Mandela grew up in an era called apartheid which limited black South Africans from enjoying basic human rights.A doing well leaders create a surroundings in cooperation inside and outside the organisation.(Subir chowdbhury management, 21c financial times prentice hall (2000) The world hopeful in political leaders but unfortunately, a few of live up to the leadership main beliefs and values....[tags: Nelson Mandela Essays] - Nelson Mandela was South African anti- apartheid revolutionary, originally known as the Boycott Movement, was a British organization that was at the Centre of the international movement opposing South Africa’s system of apartheid and supporting South Africa’s non-whites, English.Coming into office Mandela faced daunting challenges with regards to the disparity in wealth and serves between the white and black communities. Twenty-three million lacked electricity or adequate sanitation, twelve million lacked clean water supplies, two million children were not in school, thirteen million people were illiterate, thirty-three percent were unemployed, and twenty mill...Once people believe in management choice, there will be enthusiasm inside an organisation.Such an environment helps the organisation growing or flourish.A man whose struggle and dream led his people to freedom, South Africa’s significant leader who led them in their fight for equal rights.Coming from a country that experienced great racial segregation between the black and whites, in the time of this great separation ‘apartheid’.On 1962, Nelson Mandela was arrested for sabotage and treason.He spent 27 years in prison until finally, under the tension of the UN and other nations, the South African government released him, on February 11, 1990....


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