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Juxtaposition is a literary technique in which two or more ideas, places, characters, and their actions are placed side by side in a narrative or a poem, for the purpose of developing comparisons and contrasts.

In literature, juxtaposition is a useful device for writers to portray their characters in great detail, to create suspense, and to achieve a rhetorical effect.

It is a human quality to comprehend one thing easily by comparing it to another.

Therefore, a writer can make readers sense “goodness” in a particular character by placing him or her side-by-side with a character that is predominantly “evil.” Consequently, goodness in one character is highlighted by evil in the other character.

Tiresias establishes the inevitable reality of fate, as well as the adverse consequences of Oedipus’ use of freewill.

Tiresias warns Oedipus that “(a)t last you (will) see-yes soon-/ (w)hat portless port this palace and this marriage was you made,/ scudding in before a lucky breeze?

He says that, at night, her face glows like a bright jewel that shines against the dark skin of an African.

Writers employ the literary technique of juxtaposition in order to surprise their readers and evoke their interest, by means of developing a comparison between two dissimilar things by placing them side by side.

And you, my father, there on the sad height, Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”, the speaker is asking his father not to give up, like ordinary dying men, but to fight against it to survive.

The juxtaposition is in the action of struggle for life, to put off death by not merely lying down to wait for death.


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