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The Marmara Sea surrounds Istanbul and the Black Sea surrounds Trabzon.

The Marmara Sea surrounds Istanbul and the Black Sea surrounds Trabzon.

An apartment is a part of large building giving a feel of living in a small societal association which takes responsibility of any fix or repair or maintenance required.

For example, if one needs to repair the roof, the maintenance charges are borne by the landlord.

If you do not discuss any of the above two points in the essay, you will lose marks.

So, in this type of essay, you must explain both the points.

Compare the public and private mode of transportation and state which is better out of the two.

Well we have learnt quite a few things today about the IELTS writing task 2 and frankly speaking you will surely find it easier when writing, compare and contrast essay in the future.

The essay can be structured mainly in 4 paragraphs as follows: Paragraph 1: Introduction Further structuring of the paragraphs can be done as follows: Sentence 1- Paraphrase the Question Sentence 2-Outline the sentence Sentence 1- State the benefit Sentence 2- Explain how it brings this benefit Sentence 4- Write an example Sentence 1- State the issue Sentence 2-Explain how it leads to this issue Sentence 3- Write an example Sentence 1- Summary of the main point to conclude which is better and why Four paragraphs are sufficient to explain your point of view.

You may use any other structure you are comfortable with but this structure is approved by the IELTS examiners to help the students write in an effective and cohesive manner. Write about the following topic: Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. There are many people who believe that living in a house is the best.

The first difference between Istanbul and Trabzon is their climates.

In Istanbul dominates a temperate climate, that is, it has hot and dry summers, rainy and warm winters.


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