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Cases of animal abuse and cruelty seldom make it into the news, and often the culprits who commit these crimes get away.With tougher penalties and laws for those accused of dog abuse and cruelty, we as human beings can make sure that justice for abused dogs is served to the full extent.

As the story unfolded dog owners everywhere learned of the atrocity the pit bulls had suffered in Vick’s care.

The dogs were hung, drowned, and forced to run on treadmills for hours upon hours as part of a training regimen.

Not too long after this tragic event made national and international news, I received a few emails asking me if anyone had reported previous violence toward other animals by the alleged shooter.

One person wrote, "I bet he has a prior history of animal abuse, just like so many of his ilk." At the time I received these notes I couldn't find anything about prior animal abuse, however, just this morning in my local paper in Boulder, Colorado, I saw an essay by Kirk Mitchell called "Gunman who killed 26 people in Texas cited for cruelty to animals in Colorado." Mr.

Ascione stressed, "we must come to a better understanding of the circumstances in which it does, for the sake of both animals and people." Unfortunately, but perhaps there is a silver lining to this dark cloud, some people in New Zealand are putting the relationship between violence toward animals and violence toward humans to the test by possibly imprinting youngsters toward violence toward animals.

And, New Zealand does have significant problems with domestic violence.

The evaluations may also cause individuals to take drastic measures in obtaining a dog the illegal way by falsifying documentations such as the dog’s potential living arrangements.

These intensive evaluations would have to be enacted by Animal shelters and breeders before they can release any dogs to any potential owner.

Mitchell writes that the suspect "was once cited for misdemeanor cruelty to animals, according to criminal and voter records." After he completed his sentence the charge was dismissed on March 16, 2016.

How robust is the relationship between violence toward animals and violence toward humans?


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