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My First Job Everyone has had a job experience, and the first is always the most memorable. I started my job after living for two months in the United States, and that was my first job experience in life.

I learned values about the sacrifices, responsibilities, and life lessons through my job.

I got to Belleview nursing home and suddenly felt all my worries diminish within ten minutes of meeting my newfound work colleagues.

The matron, Myra Symes, welcomed me with a smile and made me feel part of the team immediately.

When I started my job, I was really excited and happy to know about my job.

Though in starting, I had trouble understanding English, all of my co-workers helped me whenever I was in difficulty.

[tags: Play, Learning, Sales, Education] - We all want our first job when were in high school and to some of us it makes us feel more independent.

Who wouldn’t want to stop relying on their parents for money.

I learned how to fulfill customers’ desirers and be helpful to them.

I always liked to be a good helper at my job After working for one year at that job, suddenly, when my District Manager told me that I had to leave that job, I felt very uncomfortable because I loved my job, my staff members, and my customers. Then, she gave me encourage about doing another job and helped me to find a better job that I will never forget.


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