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The largest fragment (shown here) came from the Sumerian sacred city of Nippur, in present-day Iraq.

The young scribe-in-training described here is repeatedly caned by his teachers for failing to memorize his lessons and for disciplinary problems.

Farmers in Mesopotamia grew barley, wheat, lentils, chickpeas, onions, garlic, dates, and lettuce. Southwest Asia had more wild plants that could be domesticated than any other region, and they had the same advantage when it came to animals.

13 out of the 14 main domesticated animals today were native to Southwest Asia. People in Mesopotamia domesticated sheep, goats, cows, donkey, oxen, and pigs.

Eventually these rivers would provide irrigation for the farms of the first civilization in human history.

The word Mesopotamia is Greek for 'land between rivers'.

I spoke to my father of my hand copies, then Read the tablet to him, (and) my father was pleased; Truly I found favor with my father.

"I am thirsty, give me drink, I am hungry, give me bread, Wash my feet, set up the bed, I want to go to sleep; Wake me early in the morning, I must not be late, (or) my teacher will cane me." When I awoke early in the morning, I faced my mother, and Said to her: "Give me my lunch, I want to go to school." My mother gave me two "rolls," I left her; My mother gave me two "rolls," I went to school. My "school-father" read my tablet to me, (said) "The.

The boy then asks his parents to invite the headmaster to their house and to provide him with wine, food, and gifts.

Noah Kramer, the scholar whose translation appears here, described it as "the first recorded case of 'apple-polishing' in the history of man." The strategy apparently worked because by the end of the dinner, the headmaster praises the young man to Nidaba, the Sumerian goddess of writing, and predicts that he will become the foremost student in the school.


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