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Sebaceous cysts are pus-filled lumps that form in a closed sac beneath the skin.

Sebaceous cysts can occur anywhere on the body but are more typical on the face, neck, and back.

Good old apple cider vinegar is really developing a reputation as a home treatment option.

It is an especially excellent remedy for skin complaints and infections because of its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties and is recommended for the treatment of sebaceous cysts.

An antibacterial compound called ricin gives castor oil its therapeutic abilities to treat irritation, infection, and swelling of the skin.

It is extremely useful when applied to an infected sebaceous cyst several times a day.

The leaves and bark of witch hazel are used to make a therapeutic extract that can work wonders on your sebaceous cyst.

Witch hazel extract has powerful astringent properties because of its tannins which help tighten the skin and limit the oil secretion responsible for your cyst.

They are usually caused by inflamed hair follicles or skin trauma which leads to a build-up of keratin.

The lump which is formed develops gradually, is not dangerous and does not usually cause any pain.


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