Essay About Trip To Pulau Tioman

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Within Tioman Island there are four kampungs: Salang, Tekek, Juara and Air Batang.

The telephone numbers in Tioman start with 09-413, 09-419, 09-582, 09-583 and 09-584.

Tioman Island lends its name to the state constituency of Tioman, comprising the island and part of the Rompin District including the town of Kuala Rompin.

Its representative to the State Legislative Assembly is Mohd. Its representative to the Malaysian Parliament is Hasan Ariffin, also from UMNO-Barisan Nasional.

This ferry is now the only option, the smaller and faster services being cancelled because of safety concerns after a tragedy.

Essay About Trip To Pulau Tioman

The boat is sometimes boarded by the Malaysian coast guard but it appears that the operators' are aware of when this will take place and take pains to follow the rules only on those days.

Apart from its diverse marine life, the inland rainforest area was protected in 1972 as the Pulau Tioman Wildlife Reserve.

However, a large part of the original reserve was sacrificed for agricultural and touristic development in 1984; the remaining area is approximately 8,296 ha (20,500 acres).

Most visitors arrive by ferry from Mersing on the mainland.

Bluewater Express operates the ferry services and its boats are fast and comfortable taking approx 2 hours to the first jetty in Kampong Genting.


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