Essay About Drugs And Alcohol

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If the person is using drugs for a longer period, the outcome may change.

For example – early experimentation with drugs is rooted in curiosity.

There is always a peer pressure in young and old people. A lot of young people expect to experience the pressure to use drugs, smoke and drink alcohol.

Young people find it difficult to be the person who doesn’t drink or smoke.

However, as the frequency of substance becomes frequent – the body starts to depend in it to function properly.

The most common signs and symptoms of drug addiction are – obsession with a particular substance, loss of control over the usage of drugs, abandoning the activities which you used to enjoy, etc.Lack of self-confidence is considered as one of the primary causes of drug addiction.It can also be due to excessive stress, peer pressure, lack of parental involvement in child’s activities etc.Drug addiction may have long term impact on life and one may develop severe symptoms such as – fatigue, trembling, depression, anxiety, headache, insomnia, chills and sweating, paranoia, behavior changes, dilated pupils, poor coordination problems, nausea etc.There are a number of reasons why youth and teenagers are addicted to drugs or related substances.Trying illegal drugs can lead to addiction and becomes a long term habit.Social Pressure Today, we are living in a highly competitive world and it is difficult to grow in such world.The addicts find it impossible to control the intake of drugs, as a result of which they fail to fulfill day-to-day responsibilities in efficient manner.Drug addiction is also referred as drug dependency, as the addict develops dependency for particular substance.If we compare the health problems, there are many dangerous effects of drugs.The most disturbing thing about drug addiction is that people in different countries of the world are becoming addicted to all kinds of drugs.


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