Encountering Conflict Essays Vce

Encountering Conflict Essays Vce-87
That conflict lets him come to know and accept the person he is.

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His response to the conflict between his duty as a soldier and his duty as a fellow-human is not to evade or withdraw, but finally to stand by what he believes—what he's learned in the course of the book.

JF: This section of the VCE English course is called because, apart from using your novel to stimulate thought about how people respond to conflict, it also requires students to consider the choices you made when writing the novel.

So the sentence structure is mainly fairly simply and the word-choice is not particularly antique or obscure.

But the visual is important—if I couldn't see it, I didn't write it.

I often went looking at what I needed in the real world so I could see it properly in order to then find the right words for it, or got up from the desk to act out some movement or other, to feel it from the inside.

For the same reason I didn't use too much imagery, and when I did it was an image that sprang out of Rooke's way of seeing the world, so the imagery reveals him as much as the thing being described.

The second requires empathy—see it from their point of view so you can work out a solution that's likely to be effective.

But it's hard to make yourself feel empathic towards someone you feel is being unpleasant. not just responding in kind) means acknowledging that we're not.

(For example, on page 89: —how a linguist might see a small beach.) I tried to make every event and every small detail of description and dialogue all point towards two things: the clarification of his character, and the final moral choice he has to make.

I discarded scenes that, even if colourful and energetic, didn't propel the energy of the book in these ways.


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