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Combine that versatility with instant mailing, and you have the easiest form of communication that is available today.You can delete text, add text, center it, indent it, and change the font size and the font face, all wit ...

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In the business world, a handwritten letter is usually coming from someone who either is sending a heartfelt thank-you, or from an individual who would sincerely like to establish a mutually beneficial business relationship.

With the ease of use in computers, and the communication power of the Internet, it only takes mere seconds to type up and send an email.

As the computer becomes a more popular appliance to have in your home, almost replacing the television, people have discovered the many advantages of electronic mail.

People have been handwriting letters for centuries.

Whether it is greeting cards, invitations, holiday wishes, or just dropping someone a line, pen and paper letters were in heavy use.


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