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To be honest, compact strollers are practically our most-used form of transportation nowadays.He's been to three different countries and countless states.

Bottom line: Don't be afraid to talk to your child's teacher if you feel the homework is getting out of control. I've always loved to travel—it's something my parents have encouraged and inculcated in our family.

Before I could even walk, I had been to more countries that my tiny hands could count.

And then I had a baby and I assumed it was time to slow down.

The first three months were spent in New York getting to know each other, snuggling on the couch and visiting local attractions. My husband, who is way more of a homebody than I am, insisted that it was too early for us to get on a plane with our son.

Increasing research shows that increasing amounts of homework for elementary-aged kids have downsides in their lives and households.

While homework may seem like a necessary part of life for high school students, more research has shown it's consuming significant amounts of time for the youngest kids, right down to kindergarten, and some school districts are dealing with the problem by simply banning homework.

While some schools are reluctant to make such a drastic move, it is clear that children are getting too much homework right now.

Although the National Education Association endorses the “10-minute rule," which means 10 minutes of homework for first-graders, 20 for second-graders and so on, a 2015 report published in the “It is absolutely shocking to me to find out that particularly kindergarten students (who) are not supposed to have any homework at all...

“Where you have the ability to choose, choose carefully," Pope says.

“How much is too much on all ends is a question that parents really have to be asking."Some parents are calling for an outright ban on elementary school homework, and are suggesting that even at the high school level, homework needs to be scaled back.


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