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The trust she places in Jacob, as well as in her family, who fully expect her to live happily ever after with her predestined mate, will make it difficult, if not impossible, for her to refuse him.To fix this, Meyers made it out that Renesmee, though still a child, has the maturity and intelligence of an adult, is growing up super fast and will stop once she reaches the age of 17.

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Are there jobs we can and can't have in order to be a "real" feminist?

To me, those limitations seem anti-feminist in basic principle.

For example, premarital sex and abortion are always evil but people should be free to choose whether or not to commit murder.

Indeed, Carlisle, a vampire presented as compassionate and saintly, repeatedly stresses that he respects the freedom of other vampires to kill and eat humans. Edward, the obnoxious stalker who used to captain the Hufflepuff Quidditch team (a big step downward from his beginnings), states that Benjamin, a being who goes out to kill and eat humans every weekend, has "always had a good moral compass." The Twilight series is, quite literally, Meyer's sexual fantasies set down on paper.

Very little physical description is given of Bella in the "books"; Meyer did this intentionally, ostensibly to allow readers to "more easily step into [Bella's] shoes." which was apparently drawn largely from looking in the mirror (see right).

To up the creepiness factor by a trillion, Meyer has stated that she loved her vampire-ravaged Mary Sue heroine "like a daughter," and that this love inspired her to call the character Isabella, a name she had been "saving for [her] daughter, who had never shown up and was unlikely to put in an appearance" (Meyer has three sons). Meyer might feel about his wife pairing off her surrogate character with her fantasy dream man.

When she's literally on the brink of death, Edward saves her by turning her into a vampire, imbuing her with magic vampire healing powers that conveniently un-break her spine and close her emergency fangsarean section Moreover, she'll never have to endure the typical hardships associated with teen motherhood, as the Cullens are insanely wealthy (owning, for instance, a private tropical island, on which Bella got knocked up).

The birth scene in Part 1 of the two-part Breaking Dawn "film" adaptation is reported to have caused several viewers to suffer seizures due to "black, red, and white flashing lights." It is also possible that Mormonism is extremely neurotoxic, acting as a convulsant poison similar to Water Hemlock.

Eventually, she chooses to marry at an early age and then chooses to keep an unexpected and dangerous baby.

[…] In my own opinion (key word), the foundation of feminism is this: being able to choose.


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