Dynamics Dynamics Essay Selected Social Social

Dynamics Dynamics Essay Selected Social Social-2
The study is based in both psychology and sociology.

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Groups form because of social cohesion, the attraction between members or because of social identity, for instance as football fans, members of a labor union or church committees. In formal groups like a trial jury this is a defined role.

In informal groups one person usually emerges as the stronger personality.

Understanding groups can help governments predict how communicable diseases will spread and foresee and prepare for societal trends.

The website Mind identifies practical uses for the study in business too.

Group members form alliances within the group and the group itself adopts accepted behavior norms.

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If there is a positive dynamic, they will accomplish their goals, even if those are simply to play cards.Scientists have studied groups for a long time, however, and have identified several interesting and defining characteristics of the way groups form and interact.A definition found on Wikipedia says this: It is a "system of behaviors and psychological processes occurring within a social group or between social groups." In other words, it is the study of the behavior of individuals in groups, how they become members and how they react to others in the group.Today we publish over 30 titles in the arts and humanities, social sciences, and science and technology.MIT Press Journals Economists have traditionally studied aggregate behavior as the outcome of individual decisions made interactively, while sociologists have focused on the role of social influences on individual behavior.Artists, for instance, form guilds and bridge players form clubs.The first condition that must exist in a group is the assembly of two or more people.Yet, on the other hand, SMGs are also subject to all the internal dynamics that occur in any social group, making them interesting laboratories to study broader social processes.That first SMG I was a part of in college helped me become informed and active on a wide variety of social issues, but the internal dynamics of that group also included a lot of sitting around and telling stories about run-ins with the police, flirting with each other, arguing about politics, playing board games, and talking about our classes.Anyone who has been involved in a task force, an athletic team, a committee or even a book club is familiar with aspects of Group Dynamics.You probably belong to several formal or informal groups and see the principles of this scientific focus at work, though you may not recognize the individual components of group behavior.


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