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In order to assist you narrow down your thesis to a particular topic, we have many suggestions on dissertation topics in educational leadership.

Here are the top 20 dissertation topics in leadership.

The doctoral candidate can lodge his or her objection to the preliminary examiners’ statements with the Faculty Council before it decides on the permission to defend the dissertation in a public examination.

The statement will be enclosed with the minutes of the Faculty Council meeting in which it decides on the permission to defend the dissertation, after which the statement will become a public document.

Besides taking the form of a monograph, the dissertation may also be a compilation of several separate scholarly articles or manuscripts (i.e., an article dissertation).

The maximum length of a monograph is normally approximately 250 pages.As a rule, the preliminary examiners must come from outside the University of Helsinki.A person who has co-authored publications or worked together on a research project with the doctoral candidate may not be appointed as a pre-examiner. The Faculty strives to clear up any issues related to ineligibility before the examiners are officially appointed.If, in addition to the monograph, the author has previously published reports on the same research topic (B1, B2 and A1), they must be referred to in the monograph in the same manner as other previous research.Furthermore, previous scientific publications must be mentioned in the report on the doctoral candidate’s scholarly contribution required when the dissertation is submitted for preliminary examination.Education leadership is the foundation of success in schools as it inculcates morals of higher values to students even as they step ahead of the success ladder.In most cases, this is usually governed by an authoritarian leadership whose goal is to set examples.In the appointment of preliminary examiners, the University of Helsinki regulations on the disqualification of preliminary examiners must be taken into account.The preliminary examiner can have no relationship with the doctoral candidate, the doctoral dissertation or another party involved that may compromise his or her impartiality. the following persons can never be named as preliminary examiners: Moreover, a close relative of the dissertation supervisor cannot serve as the preliminary examiner, the opponent or the internal examiner of the grading committee.Supervisors themselves must decide on their disqualification and refrain from evaluation or decision-making if there is reason to suspect grounds for disqualification.The Faculty strives to clear up any issues related to ineligibility before the examiners are officially appointed.


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