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While sports scholarships are more competitive, you do not have to be a star athlete to land a generous award.Most sports scholarships will come directly from your college if you intend to play on their team, but if you are more interested in playing a club or intramural sport, you could qualify for scholarships from local groups and outside organizations that award sports-related scholarships.But with a few tips and strategies you’ll feel much more prepared to send in a winning, organized scholarship application.

Look at what your local college could offer you, especially if you’re entering into a high-demand field like education or nursing.

Contact local organizations for private college scholarships that may be set aside for incoming students who are staying in-state.

Some of the most generous financial aid awards will come directly from your college, and your base tuition will undoubtedly be much less at an in-state public institution.

If staying in your home state is an option, include that in your criteria when you are doing your scholarship search.

They are available from the federal and state government, large corporations, local businesses, professional organizations, universities and individuals.

Each scholarship has its own requirements which must be met.

Scholarships are funds used to pay for higher education that do not have to be repaid to the provider.

Scholarships may be awarded based on any number of criteria including academics, achievements, hobbies, talents, affiliations with various groups, or career aspirations.

Browse through our suggestions for scholarships by state, for tips on how state assistance will help you start your career.

Chances are that whatever makes you unique, whether it be talent or personal characteristics can land you a scholarship.


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