Division And Classification Essay About Friends

On the other hand, game addicts could also be a challenge.

Challengers invite their friends to play games on Facebook and compete with them. They are those who, not only play games; they also create their own games.

All they want to know is everything that matters with friendship.

These types of users, who cherish friendship, are online for hours just for the sake of their friends. Game addicts can be categorized as player, challenger, and designer.

This type of bloggers is known as feeling-sharing loners.

They log in to the site just for writing their feeling on the blog.Old friend finders are those who would search for their childhood or primary school friends to get to know about their present life.Friend seekers make new friends, search for their old friends and get the updated news about their existing friends.Material for root statements might be winter outdoor games, types of cell phones, vacation resorts, programming languages.The classification essay is really a more or less complete and useful reference article for the topic it deals with.The last category of Facebook users is the blog-mania.Blog mania can be classified as a political columnist, feeling-sharing loner and Facebook promoter.For whatever reasons they use Facebook, friend seekers, game addicts and blog mania have their very own reasons to do so.Classification essay is a type of academic essay that presents the reader with a comprehensive list of things related by one root concept. The unifying essay topic may be an activity, a type of person, place or thing.Facebook users have always logged on to the website at any time for many purposes.Some play games while some others chat with their friends.


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