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Many people, especially young people today believes that they are going through many series of depression although they can not really identify what depression is.

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However depression have to be taken seriously since it can even lead someone to death.

Depression can occur to anyone despite his or her race, skin or hair color, age, location or religion.

Basically, It’s just shocking the victim with clinic depression with electricity.

This treatment that looks so cruel, however is proven for its efficiency. We all view depression as just an obstacle or debris in our path of life.

Although it’s not only the adults who can suffer from depression, but it is true that adults have higher chance to suffer from a period of depression.

Depressive disorder frequently occurs between the ages of 24-44. Well, there are 4 different categories which scientist use to identify the cause of depression. People with this problem are mainly those who have a pessimistic view to life, low self-esteem, and worry excessively.There are few specific types of depression that is yet hard to manage.Such as bipolar depression or manic-depression (manic, think of a word that relates to this, mania, maniac), can be treated by using the salts of the metal lithium, but the victim has to live his entire life living off it.Yet, of course, becoming depressed is not always good.Sometimes, it can lead many people to go crazy and destructive, as for bipolar depression as an example.In the past times, people believe that only adults suffer from depression, but as a matter of fact, that is not true.Now the researches show that even infants can get depressed.There are many researches stating that there is a difference in between sexes.Some researches found that depression is common among women, while some researches discovered that males are in higher risk of getting depression due to their stress in work, and die easily.The first factor could be environmental factor, and that consists difficult relationships, losses, and financial problems. People with this quality are often the people who suffered a stressful life during their young life. Many people didn’t really trust on this, however, it is likely that you have high chance of suffering clinic depression if your family member from past generation already suffered it. Scientists believe that some people have more and different brain chemicals compared to others.Many of the scientists believe that those who are mainly depressed in terms of biochemical ways are the ones who have less brain chemicals.


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