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Everybody starts questioning you for the dull words you say about life.

Everybody starts questioning you for the dull words you say about life.They all talk about you, and you never did anything to deserve whatever it is they are saying.

In India, the medical board exams are really tough.

If they fail, then they do not get admission in the college.

Depression can lead to suicide, pills, or he or she receives verbal treatment.

Friends and family can help by taking the depressed person out of this black hole and encourage him or her to look at life in a positive way.

Some new data shown in late 2015, 1 in 5 teens have depression and 2 in 15 of depressive teens commit suicide (Friedman NP).

Another report was taken based on survey data from a nationally representative sample of more than 17,000 people aged between 12 and 17 that have met the depression criteria: “Nearly three-quarters of the teens meeting the criteria reported severe impairment in a key area of their lives, such as school, social life, or relationships with family members.Girls were three times as likely as boys to have had a depressive episode–17.3 percent vs. Biological differences and societal pressures may play a role in this, Blau said, as might a greater tendency among girls to discuss feelings”( Albernaz NP).On the other hand, 41.2% of those teens have received treatment, whether it’s taking pills or talking to a therapist (Albernaz NP).It may take students in high school about three hours to do their homework, which gives them less free time.He or she may go to sleep early and wake up early in order to get ready for school.Having programs like these will really help give a more secure and supportive environment for students. Louis Medical School, medical board scores have gone up since the stress reduction strategy started (Abeles NP).School definitely adds pressure on a lot of students, and some do not even know how to handle the pressure to excel. When students get home, they may stress about homework.They tend to mentally replay negative experiences over and over again; since he or she is stuck on the negative side, he or she misses the positive aspects of life (Roth NP).He or she will miss the sunshine trying to break through the dreary clouds.Some students are so busy studying that they don’t eat or sleep.Around 10% of the students get depressed with the thoughts of failing, and 5% of those students commit suicide thinking it is too much pressure (Lakshmi NP).


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