Daycare Business Plan Examples

Explain how you will appeal to the target market, how much you will charge and where your facility will be located.

Detail your ideas for promoting your business: whether you will distribute flyers advertising your quality childcare service, put up posters in local businesses or buy billboard space.

Create graphs and charts to provide visual appeal and to make cost and revenue projections clear to potential investors. You can recycle your original paragraphs that outlined your vision for the center into the Business Introduction.

Detail your mission statement, the target market, competitors and trends in the industry.

Parents may feel guilty about leaving their children somewhere else every day.

Make sure you explain how your marketing strategy will put parents at ease and assure them that their children will be nurtured and entertained.She has a Bachelor of Arts in international relations from The College of Wooster.This short, concise business plan raised ,000 in funding for the owner of a daycare facility opened in a small community in great need of such an operation.Childcare is a heavily regulated business; in this section, list your local regulations and zoning requirements and how your business will conform to these standards.Detail your management policies in the Management section.A solid business plan is essential to understanding the market and attracting financing.Write a few paragraphs outlining your vision for the day care center.Find a good location, like a vacant store in a strip mall, a small house, or a church basement.Determine the size and socioeconomic status of your target market.List the qualifications of your staff and their wages.List a sample schedule of activities and the supplies you will need to keep the children happy and busy.


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