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Once you have identified a relevant piece of text, like a chapter in a book, you should scan the first few sentences of each paragraph to gain an overall impression of subject areas it covers.

Scan-reading essentially means that you know what you are looking for, you identify the chapters or sections most relevant to you and ignore the rest.

Having questions changes reading from a passive to an active pursuit.

Examples of possible questions include: Now you will be ready for the main activity of reading.

’ Critical reading involves presenting a reasoned argument that evaluates and analyses what you have read.

Being critical, therefore - in an academic sense - means advancing your understanding, not dismissing and therefore closing off learning.Did you understand the main principles of the argument? Critical thinking is an important skill needed for university study in the UK.Recalling from time to time allows you to focus upon the main points – which in turn aids concentration.Recalling gives you the chance to think about and assimilate what you have just read, keeping you active.Different authors will, naturally, have different slants.You should always examine what you are reading critically and look for limitations, omissions, inconsistencies, oversights and arguments against what you are reading.In academic circles, whilst you are a student, you will be expected to understand different viewpoints and make your own judgements based on what you have read.Critical reading goes further than just being satisfied with what a text says, it also involves reflecting on what the text describes, and analysing what the text actually means, in the context of your studies.This involves careful consideration of the meaning of what the author is trying to convey and involves being critical as well as active.Regardless of how interesting an article or chapter is, unless you make a concerted effort to recall what you have just read, you will forget a lot of the important points.


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