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Depending on the student's genre, courses like may be eligible.Specific courses that are identified as filling this requirement will be listed at creativewriting.

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| Program Requirements | BA Thesis and Workshop | Program Honors | Summary of Requirements | Advising | Courses Outside the Department Taken for Program Credit | Double Majors in English Language and Literature and Creative Writing | Grading | Sample Plan of Study for the Major | Minor in English and Creative Writing | Summary of Requirements for the Minor Program in English and Creative Writing | Minor to Major and Major to Minor | Sample Plan of Study for the Minor | Enrolling in Creative Writing Courses | Faculty and Visiting Lecturers | Creative Writing Courses Department Website: Program in Creative Writing takes a comprehensive approach to the study of contemporary literature, criticism, and theory from a writer’s perspective, and provides rigorous training in the fundamental practices of creative writing.

In our courses, students work with established poets and prose writers towards these pursuits, and both the major and minor in Creative Writing provide ample opportunities for interdisciplinary work across University departments.

The course is taught in a seminar format and will require a final paper.

Fundamentals in Creative Writing is restricted to students who have declared the major, as its aims are to develop cohort solidarity, promote a culture of articulate exchange, and induct students into a reflection on practice that will serve their artistic and professional development.

Because students must take at least two Advanced Workshops in their primary genre, any qualifying Beginning Workshop may only serve as the third required workshop One (1) Literary Genre Course Students are required to take one introductory Literary Genre course related to their primary genre as an introduction to key texts and debates in the history of their chosen genre.

This requirement can be met by a cross-listed English course or a comparable course in another literature.All interested students should speak with the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Program Manager.Students contemplating a major or minor in Creative Writing may choose to take one or two Creative Writing courses toward the general education requirement in the arts.Students in the major will focus their studies on a primary genre chosen from fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.The organization of the major recognizes the value of workshop courses, but incorporates that model into a broader education that furthers students’ knowledge of historical and contemporary literary practice, introduces them to aesthetic and literary theory, sharpens their critical attention, and fosters their creative enthusiasm.The program’s commitment to interdisciplinary work and academic rigor, coupled with an emphasis on teaching the elements of creative writing that underlie all genres, accounts for the program's vitality and explains why Creative Writing at Chicago is currently the largest initiative in the humanities for the College.The Program in Creative Writing offers workshops and seminars in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, as well as an increasing number of translation workshops.These courses will not count towards major requirements, but they do offer an opportunity to test out the program while satisfying a general education requirement.One (1) Fundamentals in Creative Writing course The Fundamentals in Creative Writing course is a cross-genre, one-quarter seminar to be taken by all students in the major.Although Advanced Workshops begin with attention to exemplary texts, they typically focus on original student work.Credit for a Beginning Workshop: Students who have completed a Beginning Workshop in their primary genre and have received a grade of B or above will be able to count this course as one of the required Advanced Workshops.


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