Cradle To Grave Extended Response Essay

Cradle To Grave Extended Response Essay-7
Assies (1991) presents a useful introduction to the topic and highlights some general difficulties.

Assies (1991) presents a useful introduction to the topic and highlights some general difficulties.

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Like some recent energy and greenhouse studies, LCA attempts to quantify or describe the environmental or energy burden of a product, process, or activity—from the extraction of raw materials, through manufacturing and recycling, to the final disposal process.

The quantitative aspect of the analysis is essential in evaluating complex systems with many recycling streams, such as those encountered in the paper industry. IDEA, an International Database for Ecoprofile Analysis.

One factor governing the acceptability of LCAs is how much the individual industry market sectors are detailed in the study. Land use with endogenous environmental degradation and conservation.

Too much detail tends to obscure the major issues, whereas too much aggregation will produce a meaningless result.

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For instance, an overall model of the paper industry, such as that used by Hamm and Göttsching in their German study (1993), is unlikely to satisfy many of the specific environmental questions.

Similarly, Wiseman's (1993) model of recycling in the United States fails to distinguish sufficient market sectors for it to be anything more than a crude economic tool.


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