Components Of A Good Essay

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Be respectful of other beliefs, use good examples and evidence, and keep a professional tone.Above all else, be sure that you are well-researched and organized.

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For example, take the action to vote or to recycle more.

This is more common in workplace or technical writing.

The conclusion of your essay should review the thesis and key points, and call your audience to action.

This is the final appeal to your audience, so be direct in your point of view.

It is a good idea to create a working outline at this point.

List your thesis and the main points you have to begin brainstorming the supporting ideas.Try it risk-free We all have opinions, and throughout a day, we all probably have at least one disagreement because of our opinions.These can be something as simple as the best place to eat, the best route to take home, or even what celebrity wore it best.For example, wear a seatbelt, wash your hands more often, or exercise more.In this essay, the author is encouraging the audience to do something.There are several different goals of persuasive writing.This is probably the most common type of persuasive essay.As we learn in our everyday life, most topics have at last two sides. In this type of essay, the author is trying to convince the audience that his/her viewpoint is correct.No matter what you believe in terms of politics, there is someone out there who thinks quite the opposite is true. The hope is for the audience to agree with the author's opinion.Your introduction should grab the reader's attention, introduce the topic, and focus on your point of view.Be sure that your thesis is clearly stated in the introduction. When writing a persuasive argument, it is important to avoid generalizations, name calling, and stereotypes.


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