Clothing Business Plan Template

Like the restaurant industry (and, frankly, any other kind of small business), there are risks.Seeing success in the retail clothing industry requires motivation, hard work, and a solid plan of action: Look to the Small Business Administration's website to determine which is the most appropriate legal structure for your business.

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Not only do you need to commit to a location in a specific state, in a specific town, but then you need to consider the various neighborhoods and streets which will bring you foot traffic and a large consumer base interested in (and able to afford) your merchandise.

Once you've narrowed down your location options, you'll need find the right building.

You'll need to purchase merchandise, pay store employees, buy marketing materials, furnish the store with fixtures and lighting, and other expenses.

Finding the right location is one of the most important decisions you'll have to make when opening a clothing store.

To truly have a leg up, stay keenly aware of the trends in your local market, be aware of what's happening in your nearby mall, understand how pop culture (including movies, books, and games) influences fashion choices, and know what the demographics in your area demand.

One more thing: you must really love the clothing business to start a small business in this industry.Throughout the process, research the best way to set your prices based on the merchandise you're selling.You'll need to determine your mark-up amount, understand effective pricing techniques for your type of store, and know how to discount merchandise effectively.When you're ready to open your doors, don't be afraid to tell everyone.From friends and family to those you're connected with on social media, be sure you have a message to share with them and reasons they should shop at your new store.You can incorporate your business online yourself, or you can work with a lawyer to make sure you take all the necessary steps.They'll help you obtain a tax ID number, and can advise on which business licenses you may need.Without this you might be left wasting time and resources doing things that will not help the business grow.In your clothing line business plan you will outline all the products you plan on offering and where they will be sourced from.Keep the momentum going by sponsoring fashion shows, sample sales, trunk shows, holiday promotions and other special days to celebrate your customers and give them new, exciting reasons to visit your store.Your clothing line business plan is a strategic road map that will help you accomplish your business goals.


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