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This trend of rising child poverty is of serious concern, especially in the context of rising inflation – with costs of living now expected to rise by around 4% in the coming year.

End Child Poverty’s ‘Feeling the pinch’ report found that overall prices are expected to rise by around 35% between 20, whereas Child Benefit, a key form of support for families with children, is expected to rise by just 2% over the same period.

He lives in St Helens, and will begin year ten at Rainford High in September.

Earlier this month, Ben brought a motion on child poverty to the Annual Conference of the Youth Parliament. Child Poverty Action Group is a centre of expertise and campaigning on child poverty, welfare rights, and related issues such as fair pay, childcare, benefits and tax credits.

Breadline Britain: 1983 to 2013 presents six short videos on how poverty has changed - or not - over the last thirty years.

Drawing on the 19 ITV Breadline Britain episode, these videos provide a unique insight into the changes and continuities of those in poverty over this period.

The new school year is underway after the long summer break. Most parents will have faced significant costs in recent weeks, from holiday childcare to new school uniforms.

But to what extent are different families able to meet those costs?

We are calling on the government to support families who are struggling with stagnating income and rising prices.

Ending the freeze on children’s benefits is a crucial first step.” For example, in April 2010, benefit income for an out of work single parent with 2 children (excluding housing costs) was around £198 per week.


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